promos us investment and we lost 60% in 3 month KARMA

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promos us investment and we lost 60% in 3 month KARMA

Postby lordvizer » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:03 pm

So far anyone who fool me take advantage of the trust over the years and then scam me , he will loss .
saw that happen way too many times .

i been promos by some big player from anno and each time i go farther with this project i feel something is wrong .
when developers team do not deliver as they promos there community , keep playing around allowing hackers to invade the game , this what will happen ,
admin told me that i am some kid of a fool and have no idea what investment mean or investor do .
and like told me take your money and "fuckoff " well > i sold and this game has some stupid share bug when you sell big amount it will punish you super hard and drop price by x3 times more not x1 time like of ou sell 10 shares , end up me losing more than half of my investment without earning anything each month .
end of the line > even my withdraw was missing 38.2$ of 671$ of investment of 1700$ + 120$ of the game profit LOL .
so i had alot of friends who invested here had same feeling so we took our money out , crashed the game economy because admin act like shit , refuse to build this game and use it to make money for him self only
good luck trying to get the gold value up . i promos admin to crash the gold price to 2$/gold but KARAM hit him harder

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