cannot upgrade town hall

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cannot upgrade town hall

Postby taomarcus » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:37 am


I finally get a bit of a nice town with almost all the building at level 4 or 5 and my houses are all level 7. took me forever. Now i have level 4 firehall and level 4 policestation and it is within influence area of tow hall. all the roads are at level 5 and my only warehouse is also level 5.

I could upgrade the townhall to level 2 because of the police station. I have firehall level 4 as well and i wanted to upgrade my town hall to level 3 (which needs firehall influence).

I had enough resources (inventory says 200 woods 600 stones). Now when i press upgrade button the game ggives me an error of insuffiecient resources. But it only needs 75 wood and 50 stones and i have much more. but it does not let me upgrade.

I tried to use autofix did not solve the problem. i even did logout and login and also fully exit my browser but still i get the error "insufficient resources" when i try to upgrade.

What kind of bug is this? How can i solve it? my energy was only at 2 which is not a lot but it should be enough to upgrade. I could upgrade another building without a problem. Now i have to wait another hour to get 1 more energy.

But i don;t understand why town hall cannot upgrade to level 3. because i have influence of firehall and enough resources.

Please help me how to solve it.

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